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Microsoft Windows Phone Update Policy Angers Users

Windows Phone users have blasted Microsoft for letting the carriers choose when to deliver updates to their devices.

The controversy started when a Microsoft blog post announced a Windows Phone maintenance update and the company's decision to axe the Wheres My Phone Update? The blog post also mentioned that Windows Phone updates will be made available to carriers who ‘request it'.

According to a report on Information Week, this has not gone down well with many users who believe that Microsoft is handing out too much control over the updates to wireless carriers.

"The 'every carrier that requests it' could be the single thing that drives me away from Windows Phone. Looks like Windows Phone is trying to emulate Android. At least Apple was smart and took that power out of the hands of the carriers so everybody would have a good, consistent experience", an angry customer wrote in the comments section of the blog post.

Users believe that wireless carriers will not make it a priority to release updates for Windows Phone on time because the platform has a ver small user base as of now compared to smartphones from other vendors.