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Microsoft’s Last CES Keynote Delivered by Ballmer

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has given Microsoft's last keynote speech at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The software giant had earlier announced that this year's CES will be its last as the timing of the show does not match its product milestones. Microsoft, however, claimed that it would be there to provide support to its OEM partners nonetheless.

Ballmer took the stage, accompanied by Ryan Seacrest, to talk about Microsoft's future plans and share news about Xbox, Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms.

The Windows maker, which had partnered with Nokia for making WP7 smartphones, said that the Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone will be released in the United States in the next few months and will be available unlocked, indicating that Microsoft has not been able to rope in carriers on that one. Nokia Lumia 900 smartphone will be offered by AT&T sometime later.

Ballmer also gave demonstrations of the Windows 8, the Metro user interface and the Windows Phone platform. The executive also revealed that the company plans to release Kinect for Windows PCs in the next few weeks, indicating that it will be used for a lot more than just gaming.