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Motorola Wireless Charging, A Teaser

Looks a lot like a drooling toaster, but it is actually Motorola's newest teaser for Consumer Electronics Show 2012 which is a weeping USB charger that promises to "Stay Unplugged". The image itself is very self-explanatory.

At present there are many systems that are available in the market - Duracell's QI system, Energizer and WiPower. Motorola may go for the option which takes it to the technology adoption route or chances are that it might just come up with its own proprietary implementation for this device.

But, it is still not very clear whether the present devices of Motorola will support the wireless charging upgrades or not, even when the current battery panels are changed, reported Slash Gear.

Another very interesting twist of event is Google is all set to take over Motorola Mobility and this might have some pleasing yet serious effect on future Motorola Nexus devices as well as on the wireless USB charger.

The device is out for viewing and the image seems impressive, however, the future implications and plans of the company are still not clear. The device might not just strike the right chord...But who knows?