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Record 360 Degree Panoramic Video on Your iPhone

The iPhone 4S' camera has had rave reviews, even standing up well against 'real' digital cameras, and now a new accessory adds that little bit extra.

A new camera lens for iPhone 4/4S, which looks a bit like a periscope, allows you to record all the action at a concert, make your own street view video, or record a sporting event in 360°.

GoPano Micro, which is currently being shown at this year's CES, simultaneously records everything around you, and you can swipe across the screen to pan or spin the iphone around.

After you've recorded a video, you can play it back instantly and then look in any direction you like, as well as share your recordings online straight from your iPhone.

The lens accessory from EyeSee360 allows iDevices to capture 360 degree panoramic videos, and the videos recorded with GoPano Micro are also interactive. It is enough to tap on the iPhone display and the perspective is instantly shifted.

The lens attaches to an iPhone 4 or 4S easily and requires a free app from iTunes App Store to really make the best out of this micro optic device.

The app has everything needed for recording videos, storing them on the website or sharing them on social media.

The GoPano Micro lens is available for $80 on the seller's official website.