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Samsung Unveils Future Ready Smart TVs with Voice & Gesture Control, Hardware Upgrades

Samsung has unveiled a new line-up of smart TVs with voice and gesture control features that will have the ability to get their hardware updated every year.

Samsung said that its new range of smart TV sets for 2012 will give users more reasons to splurge on television sets that give them an outlet to browse the web and be entertained at the same time.

The Korean electronics giant said that new smart TVs will come with an integrated camera for letting users control the TV via gestures and a microphone for giving it voice commands in around 20 languages.

Samsung revealed that users will be able to set their TV according to their preferences. The TV will be able to recognise individual users and present content according to their individual settings.

The company also said that the TVs will come with a slot which would allow users to upgrade their TV sets periodically. The move will entice users into purchasing TVs that won't become redundant when new technology is introduced.

Samsung, which plans to launch the first hardware upgrades early next year, said that the TVs will be upgradable for better performance and new features.

[Source: BBC]