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Siri Unable to Speak Mandarin, as iPhone 4S Launches in China

The iPhone with the fastest global rollout ever is ready to enter the world's largest market at the end of this week, though unfortunately, the much-vaunted Siri Assistant doesn't yet speak the world's most spoken language.

The iPhone 4S will be released in China and another 26 territories, meaning that Apple's premier smartphone will be available for customers in 90 countries, just three months after the release.

In the Chinese market, already Apple's second most lucrative after the domestic one, the company has decided to offer iPhone 4S with a few tweaks.

There is undoubtedly huge enthusiasm for the iPhone 4S in the country - but what about the revolutionary digital assistant powered by voice recognition technology, will Siri be able to actually speak and understand Mandarin?

According to an Apple spokesman the company will add support in 2012 for Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese, although Siri won’t be competent when the phone hits Chinese stores this month.

Apple has failed to close a deal with the country's largest carrier, China Mobile, but this hasn't stopped many of the carrier's 620 million customers using an iPhone anyway.

There are reportedly over 10 million iPhones activated on China Mobile's network, although these users will only be able to access 2G voice and WiFi networks.

However, iPhone 4S will be available on China Unicom's 3G network; the carrier currently has 170 million subscribers.