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Sony Introduces Crystal LED Technology at CES 2012

Sony's press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show every year is one of the most anticipated and highlighted part of this international event.

This year Sony managed to put on a great show with the help of filmstar Will Smith. During the conference, the company launched the latest TV technology Crystal LED.

The latest TV technology is a fusion of OLED and LED - it has been considered as one big leap for the tech giant for television technology. This new technology brings together six million LEDs in the display to produce improved brightness, similar to OLED.

For the time being, the technology is in the conceptual stages, but in case it proves to be cheaper to manufacture than OPED, Sony might be up to something completely unexpected.

At present, LG and Samsung have also made announcements concerning big screen OLED displays. But it seems that Sony is looking for something newer and better and thus they are focusing on Crystal LED technology, reports Tech Radar.

In the press conference, Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony, claimed the new technology is better than LCD and plasma and also promises "super contrast and superwide color gamut," reports CNET.