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AMD HD 7950 Landing on 31st January

AMD are set to launch the second most powerful single chip graphics card of the 7000 series, the 7950, on the 31st of January, with the rest of the series coming the following Friday.

Cutting down ever so slightly from the monster 7970, this smaller brother packs 1,792 stream processors. While there's no official information on the core clock, we do know that it'll come sporting 3GB of GDDR5, twinned with a 384 bit memory interface.

Similar to other 7000 series graphics cards, the 7950 will support PCI-Express 3.0, as well as Direct X 11.1 - though you'll need Windows 8 to take advantage of this latter feature. The whole family is known as the Southern Islands family of graphics processing units (GPU).

Originally intended for release before Christmas, or at the least very soon after, Fudzilla reports that AMD probably picked this new date to coincide the debut of this card with NVidia launching its Kepler range of GPUs.

Both new generations from NVidia and AMD are made with the die shrunk 28nm process, allowing for impressive performance gains as well as a reduction in thermal design power (TDP) and therefore hopefully leading to quieter cards as well as cooler ones.

While there are still some details about AMD's 7950 that haven't been revealed yet, the confirmed price in the US is $449, putting it out of reach of most purchasers.