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Apple to Reform iPad, iPhone Outsourcing Strategy

Apple is going to change its long term strategy for tablet and smartphone production, according to a report from the well informed Taiwanese website DigiTimes (opens in new tab), citing supply chain sources.

Reportedly, Pegatron Technology will handle the orders for future generation iPads, while long-time partner Foxconn will be focusing on the iPhone. Apple has already sent "a small volume of orders" to Pegatron for the upcoming iPad 3, expected to hit the market in just a couple of months.

The orders placed with Pegatron are expected to increase significantly for the iPad 4, which the site's sources claim will arrive by the end of this year. In a report last week (opens in new tab) Digitimes said the fourth generation tablet from Apple would be introduced in October and will deliver "killer applications". However, John Gruber of Daring Fireball described the rumour about the iPad 4 as "completely made-up nonsense", and it does seem a little far-fetched to pinpoint anything at this stage.

Meanwhile, Foxconn Electronics, a company that handled most of the iPad orders so far, will get more iPhone orders from now on, and its involvement in the manufacturing of tablets will decrease gradually.

"Apple's new strategy is meant to decrease risk and increase the quality of its products and the company has already visited Pegatron's plants in China several times recently to ensure the smoothness of the shipment process," the Taiwanese website explains.

Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina

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