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AT&T's Watson Provides In-Car Voice Control Similar to Siri

Following the launch of Apple's Siri, the whole tech world has been going crazy for speech control technology; the most recent voice enabled digital assistant that has grabbed the public's attention is Watson, which has been presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, as Main Device reports.

Watson is a project that is being developed in conjunction with Panasonic and QNX Software Systems that is targeting, among other areas, the auto industry.

AT&T's technology can be used in cloud-connected cars to carry out any number of functions from navigation, to changing a music track, controlling air conditioning or giving weather updates. A prototype is currently being tested in Peachtree City, Georgia.

Watson is "a multimodal and multilingual speech and language engine with best-in-class performance across a wide range of applications". It makes the best out of over 500 speech related patents that AT&T currently holds and is going to be used to help control GPS devices, among other options it delivers.

While the carrier provides network services, Panasonic Automotive Systems Company supplies the hardware and integration services, with QNX working on the user interface.

The testing is reportedly going well according to AT&T, though there has been no specific timescale given for the technology's introduction onto the market.