Call of Duty Elite Lands on iOS

The Call of Duty (CoD) Elite stat. tracking service - that took a long time to become stable after release - has now been made available on the iOS.

CoD Elite is designed to track the statistics of gamers across several Call of Duty titles if you use the free version. Those wishing to go the whole way and subscribe for $50 a year can gain access to premium features including downloadable content (DLC), "Elite TV" and clan options for tracking multiple gamers together.

While not all of this is getting ported over to the mobile iOS version, there will be quite few statistics on view should you need to remind yourself of your kill to death ratio while on the move. Other available stats will include your win percentage and a breakdown of how many hours you've spent gunning down enemies online.

As well as this, PCMag has it that users will have access to information on recent matches. This will give a report on the last 10 games that have been played, breaking down map information and the stats of the players involved.

Players can also track their challenges and progress through them, as well as customising classes, including the modifications of weapons, perks and attachments.

So if you're in that category of FPS nut and Apple fan boy, you now have a great crossover platform to indulge both passions.