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Fujitsu Displays Quad-core Prototype Smartphone at CES 2012

Fujitsu has unveiled a prototype of a quad-core Android smartphone powered by Ice Cream Sandwich at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012.

The new Android device has quad core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor that boasts of a ‘shadowcore', which is a low-power processor known to conserve battery. At present it is just a prototype and there are possibilities of changes before the phone is officially released at the Mobile World Congress next month. However, the current prototype itself is very impressive.

For example, the Nvidia processor itself makes the device perfect for gaming needs. As a matter of fact, the company actually demonstrated Riptide GP game on the device, and it ran smoothly in its own display and also on an external monitor, reported Engadget.

The Android device has fifth companion core built-in and thus it consumer less power if graphics heavy apps are not running. Beyond the processor, the device packs a 4.6 inch HD display and a massive 13.1 mega pixels rear camera that is capable of ISO 25,600 sensitivity.

The prototype itself speaks a lot about the yet-to-be launched device but, it will certainly raise the expectations to another level.