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Google Profiting from Illegal London 2012 Olympics Ads?

According to reports, Google Inc. is earning profits from advertisements for illegal products like the unofficial London 2012 Olympics tickets, fake ID card, passports and cannabis.

Soon after BBC reported this, Google removed all these ads. In fact, after receiving request from police the web search giant also removed the links of illegal London Olympic ticket resellers.

Google in an official statement said that, "We have a set of policies covering which ads can and cannot show on Google. These policies and guidelines are enforced by both automated systems and human beings."

"When we are informed of ads which break our policies, we investigate and remove them if appropriate," it further added.

This is not the first time Google is making money from illegal activities through the AdWords advertising. In the year 2011 the company had to surrender $500 million after accepting illegal ads from various pharmacies and in 2007 they entered into a settlement with US government for $3 million over illegal online gaming advertisements.

Under UK's London Olympic and Paralympic Games Act 2006 sale of tickets without permission of authorities of Olympic in open market in a crime, reported BBC.