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iCade Mobile Turns iPhone into PSP Style Gaming Console

Ion Audio launched their latest iCade Mobile game controller, a gaming pad specifically for iPhone and iPod Touch at the CES 2012 event in Las Vegas. The game controller connects to the Apple devices with Bluetooth.

Gaming in iPhone is great but the only problem is the on-screen touch controls are a bit cumbersome in the 3.5 inch screen. However, the new iCade Mobile game controller will turn the device into a PSP with top bumper buttons along with triggers, a direction pad and obviously four action buttons.

Just slide the iCade Mobile Game Controller in iPhone or iPod Touch, connect via Bluetooth and start playing the classic games available at the Apple's App Store. The device helps to turn the iPhone and iPod Touch into an impromptu PSP Vita, reported Gizmodo.

The device even rotates around in the portrait mode specifically for vertical-only games, a feature which is present in PSP. iCade Mobile will arrive in the market in 2012 and a cost of US$79.99. So be ready to enjoy some really good games and experience PSP in iPhone with the iCade Mobile.