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IDC Puts Positive Spin on Recent Thai Floods; Increase in Shipment of SSD's

The devastating flood in Thailand which killed more than 800 people and hugely effected that economy was responsible for a drastic shortage of the world's supply of hard disks.

As flood conditions are getting better and life is slowly but steadily coming back to normal, the energy minister of Thailand stated that industries in the area will need more energy than normal to get back to a healthy rate of growth.

Even though companies like Western Digital have started production in Bang Pa-In, unless the entire industry gets back to normal, the cost of hard drives all over the world will remain very high.

But IDC, an analyst firm, believes there is a bright side to this situation - shipping of solid state disks has increased by 74 percent for 2011 which is better than 54 percent compound annual growth rate which the firm earlier predicted.

The solid state disk is a flash memory based component - its biggest manufacturing and distribution country is China, reports Read Write Web.

IDC stated,"IDC believes the net effect of these dynamics on the PC market, coupled with SSD pricing...supports increased SSD shipments that are more richly configured with higher capacity SSDs compared with IDC's previous forecast."