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iPhone 4S 'Swappable Battery' Solution Gives You More Juice

One of the major setbacks with high-end smartphones on the market today is the relatively short lifespan of their batteries; Apple's flagship iPhone has particularly come in for criticism in this respect.

The plethora of functions and features available and increased connectivity can drain your handset annoyingly fast.

While Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone handset owners can simply replace the drained battery with a new freshly charged one, iPhone owners don't have this option as the battery is not removable.

However, Taylor Martin, a reviewer for PhoneDog, has come across a couple of products at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show which provide quasi 'swappable batteries' for iPhone owners.

Martin got his hands on a prototype of the Surface Plus case made by Seido, which is designed for the iPhone 4S. The iPhone accessory offers a removable 1,700 mAh battery pack that springs into action when the iPhone battery dies; but in contrast to standard packs, when this battery is exhausted, the user can replace the removable inner battery with another charged one.

A somewhat similar accessory, containing a high capacity battery that can also be replaced by a spare, is made by Incipio; it has a sleek appearance and is slimmer than the aforementioned pack. On release the Incipio case with replaceable battery will cost $100, while a price was not given for the Seido solution.