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Late News: Call of Duty Elite on iOS, Asus Transformer Prime HD, Fujitsu Arrows Prototype Smartphone, Asus Padfone

The Call of Duty (CoD) Elite stat. tracking service - that took a long time to become stable after release - has now been made available on the iOS. CoD Elite is designed to track the statistics of gamers across several Call of Duty titles if you use the free version.

UK customers are yet to get access to Asus Transformer Prime, however, the latest update is that the device has been superseded by a latest high end model which is fully loaded and comes with a 1080p HD display. Released at the Consumer Electronic Show 2012 the latest version of Transformer Prime is equipped with a super IPS+LCD panel and will feature Gorilla Glass.

Fujitsu has unveiled a prototype of a quad-core Android smartphone powered by Ice Cream Sandwich at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012. The new Android device has quad core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor that boasts of a ‘shadowcore', which is a low-power processor known to conserve battery.

Asus, recently confirmed that next month at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) they will be launching the Asus Padfone. This is not the first time when Asus talked of Padfone. They have already disclosed that it will be a quad core Tegra 3 powered smartphone that can slot into tablet dock for experiencing an added big screen.

Razer has updated its Synapse cloud storage platform, releasing the software from its beta and making the finished product fully available for use by the public. The gaming peripheral maker unveiled version 2.0 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) yesterday where Razer let people known that it was available for immediate download.