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League of Legends Launching Version with Russian Language Support

Riot games, maker of the hit multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, League of Legends (LoL), has announced that it will be releasing a Russian language version of the title.

"We've listened carefully to the rising volume of voices asking for League of Legends in Russia," said Riot Games CEO Brandon Beck.

Russia is a gaming market that is often ignored by developers due to the high rates of piracy. However, games that combat it directly by offering themselves as free to play, often receive massive cash injections in this market in the form of micro transactions.

Thanks to this audience, Riot could be set to do incredibly well, as LoL is a free to play title. It makes its money with micro transactions, offering players experience boosters, runes to enhance their character and new visual skins that change the look of the chosen summoner. However, since only the latter can't be earned by just playing the game, it doesn't negatively influence gameplay, especially once you hit the top level and can begin ranked games.

League of Legends currently sees some 11 million monthly active users, with that figure expected to increase by a substantial figure once the native Russian language version launches.

Games Industry, (requires free account signup), has a final quote from the Riot CEO: "We are looking forward to delivering fully localised service and support, and we are optimistic that the passionate community of Russian speaking PC gamers will embrace League of Legends."