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LiveView 2 Spotted at CES 2012?

Last year at CES 2011, Sony Ericsson launched the LiveView device. This year, a similar looking device has been spotted at company's booth.

The latest device looks like a huge digital watch with a massive screen a green wristband that contains a "spring-loaded clip." The "spring-loaded clip" makes it easy to attach or detach the device, which means user can remove the screen and use the device independently from the wristband.

The company has refused to display any description card to clarify what the device is and what it does. However, until the company confirms or denies this, it is assumed to be the next generation LiveView device, in other words, Sony Ericsson LiveView 2, reports Android And Me.

The original LiveView was a great concept as an Android operating system accessory, but its physical implementation as well as performance could not live up to all the expectations. However, the appearance of the LiveView 2 is impressive enough that it seems the company will not disappoint.

Before all that, let's hope the company will soon clarify what the device is and what it will do for consumers.