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Mobile broadband in Jersey to be upgraded to 42mbps

Island of Jersey is to have its Government owned mobile phone network increased from 14.4mbps, to one of the fastest around at 42mbps and with upload speeds of 5.8mbps.

The BBC has reported that the JT Global mobile phone network, from Airtel-Vodafone, will see itself upgraded to one of the fastest 3G networks in the world - according to the company.

The website noted that the head of Mobile Dave Newbold said the company would spend just over £500,000 on the development, whilst moving to this service would allow for faster speeds with far less investment and much faster than they could with 4G.

JT said it had seen a 138% increase in mobile data use in the past 12-months, putting the increase down to an increase in smartphone sales.

Three has updated its own network throughout the UK, to the HSPA+ standard that allows for 21mbps download and web surfing speeds.

At the end of 2011, the network was aiming to have 80-percent of its UK network upgraded to this standard - although there's no talk of 42mbps as yet, where O2 and Everything Everywhere are running 100mbps 4G LTE trials at the moment.