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Motorola Outs Razr Maxx at CES 2012

Motorola has unveiled the follow up to the Droid Razr Android based smartphone at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The Droid Razr Maxx will be offered by US mobile phone operator Verizon Wireless in few months' time and will be available for $300 on a two year contract, Motorola said.

The device has the same specifications as that in Droid Razr, which was launched back in November, apart from the fact that the Droid Razr Maxx comes with a 3,300 mAh battery giving users more talk time.

Motorola claimed that the battery will allow users to use the smartphone for 21 hours before it needs a recharge. However, running 4G LTE on the device might drain the battery sooner than that.

Like the Droid Razr, the Droid Razr Maxx will come with a 4.3 inch display and an 8MP camera rear facing camera. The Maxx is powered by a 1.2 Ghz dual core processor and comes with 32 GB of internal storage (16GB onboard and 16GB microSD card in the box).

Motorola will be shipping the device with Android 2.3 Gingerbread but will be releasing an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update soon. The company clarified that the Droid Razr Maxx was not a replacement for the Droid Razr but was meant for business and power users.