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OpenMobile Introduces Application Compatibility Layer (ACL) Technology at CES 2012

OpenMobile World Wide demonstrated new Application Compatibility Layer (ACL) technology, capable of running Android apps on non-Android devices at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

OpenMobile said there were more than 300,000 Android apps that were not available on non-Android platforms. The technology allows OEMs of Tablets, Set Top Boxes, TVs, Netbooks and other devices to provide users access to a wide ecosystem of Android applications by ‘breaking the apps barrier.'

The company said that irrespective of the operating system, users will be able to access and run Android apps on them.

OpenWorld is currently showcasing ACL technology on tablets, set-top-box and netbook devices based on MeeGo, WebOS and Ubuntu. The company plans to make the technology available for other operating systems like Tizen, Windows, Bada, QNX and more sometime in the future, accordingto MarketWatch.

"Breaking the Apps Barrier is critical for every OEM launching new devices," said Bob Angelo, CEO of OpenMobile World Wide, Inc.

"Hundreds of thousands of Apps bring millions of customers. We believe every device should hit the market with a powerful Apps ecosystem, and ACL makes that possible for OEMs shipping Smartphones, Tablets, Set Top Boxes, Connected TVs, In-Vehicle Systems (IVIs), In-Flight Systems, and more," he added.