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Samsung, Intel Collaborate to Create Tizen, Open Source Mobile OS Project

Tizen is an operating system for mobile and other devices based on Linux - and is an open source project. This project was created in collaboration with Samsung and Intel and backed by many other smartphone manufacturers.

Based on HTML5 and other web standards, a recent update about Tizen API is that many screenshots of the operating system have been leaked. The leaked images offer the first look of this platform.

Supposedly, this new platform is a successor of MeeGo OS that powered the Nokia N9 mobile phones and will be powering many latest tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and also in-car devices, reports Crazy Engineers.

The operating system is in its alpha build status and the leaked images of Tizen SDK prove it is similar with not only MeeGo, but also with Bada and Android.

According to the official Tizen website, the Tizen along with its SDK will be released in the 1st quarter of this year. Most likely, the new operating system will make its debut with the Samsung I9500 user agent.

Next month, the Mobile World Congress, to be held in Barcelona is where Samsung along with Intel will provide updates on the progress of the platform.