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T-Mobile Brings Bobsled VoIP Services to iPhone and iPad

The main US carrier to miss out on a deal for the iPhone, T-Mobile, has now expanded its free voice over IP service, dubbed Bobsled, specifically targeting users of Apple's iPhone and iPad, as well as Android handset owners.

The service is available in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, and allows users to make calls to mobile or landline phones without extra charge.

The calls can be made either over cellular data networks with the associated charges or over free Wi-Fi networks. In its early stages the Bobsled service, first announced last year, allowed users to call Facebook friends from their PC. The next step was taken in October, when the service enabled users to call mobiles from their Facebook account.

As PCAdvisor reports, T-Mobile announced a separate app for Android device owners a few days ago, with a Bobsled Messaging app specially designed for Google's platform.

Users can download the T-Mobile messaging app on their Android tablet, and tie it to their mobile phone number; so any message sent via T-Mobile's app can display their mobile number.

With VoIP services more and more in demand, as Brad Duea, senior vice president of marketing for T-Mobile, explains, the carrier is ready to sacrifice a part of its revenue in order to get the customers' attention.