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£227.99 Data Robotics Drobo 4 Bay Backup Storage Array USB2.0 + Firewire FW800

Data Robotics brings to you the Drobo 4-bay backup storage array based on revolutionary storage technology that provides you a powerful storage solution with great features and expandability.

With support for RAID 5, Drobo can hold up to four hard drives with support for 16TB on a single volume. This gives the option of changing drives to bigger sizes as and when your data volume increases and that too within just a few seconds.

Drobo comes with support for both FW800 and USB 2.0 thus giving you the option of connection of desktop systems, laptops, servers - just about any computing platform. Drobo supports all three major operating systems and their variants.

There is no limit - upper or lower - in terms of the hard disks you choose. Unlike other storage array, Drobo doesn't enforce any storage space requirements. Usability is a great feature of Drobo and there is no need for installing any drivers as the software is built into the hardware called BEYONDRAID. Drobo dashboard allows you to check on the status of the storage array and add more functionalities if you need them.

The package contains a 6-inch USB and FW800 cable along with eternal power supply cable, resource CD and dashboard software.

The Data Robotics Drobo 4 Bay Backup Storage Array USB2.0 + Firewire FW800 is available from eBay for £227.99.