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£579 LG 50PZ550T 50" Full HD 1080p Plasma 3D TV

The LG 50PZ550T 50-inch Full HD Plasma 3D TV, which is the world's first 3D THX Award Winning TV, is an amazing TV with great features that would take up centre stage of your entertainment setup.

Ultra-high 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio and instant response time ensures that you get crystal clear output with vivid and vibrant colours at all viewing angles. The THX Display Certification ensures that you are guaranteed a razor sharp picture quality.

Not only is the TV great for high definition and standard definition video, the TV also supports 3D playback. Built-in RF-type 3D transmitter makes the TV compatible with active-shutter type glasses (one pair included) for stunningly realistic 3D imagery. The 600Hz sub-field driving rate makes sure that sports fans and action movie buffs are treated with the crispest reproduction of fast-moving content.

The 50-inch screen is just fascinating and provides life-size picture output at 1920x1080 p resolution. In terms of connectivity, the LG 50PZ550T offers 3 HDMI ports, SCART, component, and even a VGA input for using your plasma TV as an enormous computer monitor.

The on-board USB port allows you to plug in a USB flash drive or an HDD and would allow you to playback movies, videos and listen to your favourite songs without having to connect the TV to a computer. Freeview HD tuner will let you tune into HD channels right out of the box.

Currys is offering the LG 50PZ550T 50" Full HD Plasma 3D TV for £579.