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AM News: Android 4.0 Update for HTC Smartphones, Pantech Element Waterproof Tablet, Android Virtualisation

Last November, HTC stated that some HTC Android powered smartphones would be getting Ice Cream Sandwich updates. The company also provided the names of the devices which were suppose to get the updates including Sensation XL, HTC Sensation (and Sensation 4G), Rezound, Sensation XE, Evo Design 4G, Amaze 4G and the Evo 3D.

Pantech has showcased the Element waterproof tablet device at the International Consumer Electronics Show. The tablet, which Pantech submerged in a large bowl of water, will be available via US wireless carrier AT&T and will come with support for 4G LTE.

Last year at CES 2011, Sony Ericsson launched the LiveView device. This year, a similar looking device has been spotted at company's booth. The latest device looks like a huge digital watch with a massive screen a green wristband that contains a "spring-loaded clip."

Desktop and server virtualisation company VMware demonstrated new technology that allows users to run a Android based virtual machine on an Android based smartphone. In an event at the CES, the company partnered with LG to demonstrate the new technology on the new LG Revolution VS910.

TomTom has partnered with Samsung to bring its maps and location content to the Wave 3 smartphone. Under the deal, TomTom will provide navigational content for the Korean smartphone maker's Bada based smartphone. Bada is Samsung's own mobile operating system.