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AMD Shows off Next gen Trinity APUs at CES 2012

AMD has been showing off some new Accelerated Processing Units (APU) at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) codenamed Trinity that will be available a bit later this year.

These little APUs will feature four Piledriver cores and will draw far less power than current generations of the chip - 17w for the ones designed for Ultrabook killing notebooks. Icrontic was given a demonstration of the new chips, powering two displays and handling media encoding while running Dirt 3 at 1080p resolution at 30 FPS. After a short reveal, the AMD demo staff showed that in-fact the notebook handling the previous two displays was also running an HD YouTube video on its native screen.

These Trinity chips are set to replace the high end A8 Llano APUs which have a current thermal design power (TDP) of 45w. The reduction in power requirements for the new Trinity hardware represents an impressive improvement. Judging from the demo, graphics performance has certainly been enhanced, which we can put down to the inclusion of a new generation 7000 series graphics processing unit (GPU).

Clock speeds, cost and actual release dates are still unknown at this stage, though it's expected that AMD will want to get these new chips to market as soon as possible to help combat the steady growth of Intel's Ultrabook platform.