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Apple iPad 3 Spotted at CES 2012?

Apple's rumoured iPad 3 tablet has been spotted at the on-going Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The company has refrained from making an appearance at tech trade shows and prefers to launch devices at its own events to ensure maximum impact.

Apple's iPad 3, however, seems to have made it to the CES even though Apple is not officially present at the trade show.

According to an article on iLounge, Jeremy Horowitz, editor-in-chief of the tech blog, was shown with what seemed to be the iPad 3.

He claims the new tablet looked exactly like the iPad 2 with most of the changes being software based. Perhaps, like the iPhone 4S, Apple plans to introduce the iPad 3 without a major redesign, focusing rather on internal upgrades and new software features.

Meanwhile, Apple Insider reports that 250 Apple employees including the vice president for iOS product marketing Greg Joswiak, are present at CES even though the company has no official presence.

The article thinks that Apple could be checking out how companies display their wares and set up their booths at the CES. It will be interesting to see whether Apple decides to participate in other tech trade shows in the future.