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Dell Partners with Three, Macheen; Provide Pre-Installed Broadband on Laptops, Tablets

Dell has partnered with Three and Macheen to provide pre-installed broadband services on its laptops and tablet devices.

Under the partnership, Macheen will provide White-Label broadband to Dell devices and it will share the revenue with Dell and Three. Mobile phone operator Three will provide the network for Macheen's White-Label broadband service, reports 3G.

The agreement with Dell is the first one Macheen has struck since the company launched its White-Label mobile broadband software.

"Device makers are looking to turn lower-margin hardware into constant customer connections-without the heavy lifting," said Richard Schwartz, President and CEO of Macheen Inc.

"That transition begins with simple, seamless connections to the cloud, followed by on-going offers of new content and services. We are seeing a significant improvement in both the purchase and connection rates for device makers who build in connectivity into their devices," he added.

The companies hope that this one-of-a-kind deal gives rise to similar deals for mobile broadband providers, bringing an additional revenue stream to their business models. Macheen is also in talks with other device manufacturers and mobile broadband providers in other countries.

But the question remains whether consumers would go for a White-Label product or would simply go directly to the mobile broadband provider.