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Intel may Supply Medfield Processors for iPhone and Windows Phone Handsets

A while back, Intel announced it was developing high-end chips soley for Android powered mobile devices, but the chip-maker appears to be more flexible in its strategy than first thought, revealing they are talking to iOS and Windows Phone amongst others about possible adoption of its Medfield processors.

At the Consumer Electronics Show, Dave Whalen, vice president of Intel's architecture group let the world know the company is "talking to everybody", The Telegraph reports.

"In April we took a conscious decision to focus on Android," Whalen said, adding "Windows, other operating systems - we recognize that there will be opportunities. It's not a ‘no', it's just not now. When the time's appropriate we'll look at other OSs."

"It's down to our customers - at the moment our customers are asking for Android," he explained.

Apple has been using Intel processors in its computers for few years, though its iPhones and iPads employ the company's own A-series chips.

Intel also used the opportunity to announce the company is going to release its first mobile phones, giving visitors at CES a look at the Lenovo K800. Its partners in this venture are Lenovo in China and Motorola in other markets, with the first devices arriving in Q2 2012.