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iOS 5.01 Beta 3 Points Towards Siri on iPad 3, and iPad 2?

The latest beta of Apple's iOS 5.1 operating system, which was released to developers on Monday, makes reference to a Siri Dictation feature, indicating that the speech activated Assistant may soon be on its way to the iPad, 9to5Mac suggests.

The section "About Dictation and Privacy", providing standard legal information, was uncovered by a developer while looking through iOS 5.1 beta 3 settings app on his iPad 2, although the dictation feature is not actually functional with this beta.

The iPhone 4S does not include a menu relating specifically to "Dictation and Privacy", so the iPad Dictation reference is unlikely to simply have been carried over from the 4S.

Some are already suggesting Siri could be exclusive for the iPad 3, expected around March time, in the same way Apple made the voice control Assistant a selling-point for the latest iPhone.

Of course, it is highly unlikely that this feature would be missing from Apple's next-generation tablet, but the big question is - will it also be made available on the iPad 2?

The second generation iPad has the same A5 CPU as the iPhone 4S, so that shouldn't be an issue - but the problem, some tech observers have pointed out, could be with the iPad's microphone. When Siri was ported to older iDevices, such as the iPhone 4 or 3GS, the microphone seems to have been the major sticking point.

Furthermore, there have been reports that Siri's capacity has been at times strained by iPhone 4S users alone, so having an iPad 3 tablet exclusive would be advantageous from that standpoint too.