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Kodak Files Patent Infringement Lawsuits Against Apple, HTC

Kodak has filed lawsuits against Apple and HTC alleging that these companies infringe various patents held by Kodak related to digital imaging. The camera maker is alleging that both the technological giants are infringing four patents owned by it.

On Tuesday, the lawsuit was filed in a Federal Court and it claims that Apple's iPad, iPhone, iPod and also HTC's smartphones violate image transmission patents, reported News 24. Kodak also filed a similar complaint at the US International Trade Commission (ITC) against both these companies.

In the suit the camera making firm also accused HTC of violating same image preview technology, which is at the centre of a two year old dispute between Kodak and Research in Motion and Apple that is pending before ITC.

The suit also claims that both Apple and HTC are infringing patents by importing and selling mobile camera phones, and tablet computers and such other devices. Kodak via this suit is trying to stop sales of Apple and HTC products which includes iPhone, iPad and many more such gadgets. They are also asking for compensations as well as triple damages.