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Lenovo Adds WHDI Mirroring Technology IdeaPad S2 7

Lenovo has teamed up with Amimon to bring WHDI mirroring technology to its IdeaPad S2 7.

According to an articleon Engadget, the company showcased the tablet and the WDMI technology in its booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Instead of using messy HDMI cables to view HD content on a laptop, users, with the help of WHDI technology and a receiver attached to the HDTV, will be able to ‘mirror' their HD content on the TV wirelessly.

Earlier, for streaming content to a TV using WHDI, users were required to attach a dongle to the device. As it turns out, not many people fancied attaching a bulky dongle to their sleek tablet devices.

Users will be able to stream video content and even mirror apps on an HDTV using the technology. Engadget reports the image was sharp and the mirroring was done without any hiccups, even while mirroring apps.

WHDI representatives, however, failed to inform whether the technology will come integrated with future Lenovo tablet devices and those from other tablet makers or not. This information is necessary as those with older devices may still need to continue using HDMI cables when connecting to their television sets.