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PlayStation Vita Gets Netflix App

Sony's PlayStation Vita will make its debut in US on February 22 and it will have Netflix allowing users of this subscription service to enjoy movies without any additional requirements.

Netflix, which provides streaming TV as well as movie service, with this move is bringing its services to another gaming device. At the Consumer Electronics Show 2012's press conference, Sony disclosed this piece of information.

The company also disclosed that this new portable handheld game machine that was made available in Japanese market last year has already sold above half million units till 5th of January.

On a blog post, Philip Rosenberg SCEA senior vice president, stated that, "The PlayStation 3 is of one the most popular devices for watching movies and TV shows streamed over the internet from Netflix."

Sony wants to make PS Vita an "all-in-one" media product and Netflix happens to be the latest third party app that has made its place on the device. Other apps that are available on Vita are Twitter, Skype, Facebook and foursquare.

To be made available in US very soon Vita's Wi-Fi only model will cost $250 and the 3G/Wi-Fi model will cost $300.