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Project Fiona Gaming Tablet Unveiled at CES 2012

Recently, Razer released the Project Fiona concept PC gaming tablet. The new device features attached Hydra-style controllers and has been designed for offering "ultimate tablet gaming experience".

The device comes with joystick controllers that are attached on both sides. The tablet also features a magnetometer as well as accelerometers which enable motion control. The high powered device has 1280x800 multi-touch display and it runs on Intel Core i7 processor.

The company's website states that, "Adapted from a full featured PC gamepad, Project Fiona's integrated dual controllers coupled with its advanced multi-touch screen are designed to make complex game navigation ergonomic and intuitive without compromising on the portability of the tablet".

According to Razer other gaming tablets available in the market are good for the casual titles with limited navigation and control capabilities which makes these devices "impossible for hardcore PC gaming".

The new PC gaming tablet is first-of-its-kind that has integrated dual controllers high power gaming that requires headshots as well as commanding troops rather than casual games. The concept of Project Fiona, according to reports, might hit the market in the fourth quarter of 2012 and the pricing will be below $1,000.