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Raspberry Pi Foundation's £16 Credit Card-Sized PC in Production

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has started production of a £16 bare-bones PC powered by Linux.

The charitable organisation has been able to raise substantial amount of money via prototype auctions. The PC is considered a "potential hero of digital literacy" by UK education minister Michael Gove, who also commented that the present import duty has prevented them from making the device in the UK.

Last May, the foundation disclosed plans to produce and sell a 86 x 54 x 17mm PC, almost the size of credit card. Apparently, it can be plugged into a TV or easily connected to any touchscreen to create a low cost tablet computer.

Specifications of this device are include a USB port in one end, through which a keyboard and mouse via a hub can be connected, SD card slot and HDMI port.

Powered by a 700MHz ARM11 processor, the credit card-sized device has 128MB memory along with Videocore 4 GPU, reports PC Advisor.

In a blog post, the charity, stated, "The first units from the first batch will be rolling off the line at the end of January. This first batch will consist only of Model Bs, although you will be able to buy Model As later on," as posted on the Raspberry Pi Foundation's Official Blog.