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Shazam Player with LyricPlay Now Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

A few days ago Shazam Entertainment announced the release of a new free app available for the iOS environment.

Shazam Player isn't like your average music player capable only of play tracks, but also acts as a music manager that delivers a number of additional perks to users.

Shazam Player is advertised as bringing music to life with its new feature LyricPlay that streams lyrics onscreen as it plays the songs. This feature is currently available for more than 30,000 songs and the list is growing every day.

In addition, with Facebook and Twitter integration users can share their favourite music on social networks. Shazam Player also allows watching YouTube videos and concert clips.

One interesting extra on the new app is that it allows people to look for tour dates of their favourite bands. Another nice feature lets users hide the soundtracks they don't want to hear, and even create bad playlists to stay away from annoying songs that might creep into their device.

Shazam CEO Andrew Fisher announced his company's philosophy when creating the application: "With the Shazam Player app, we are staying true to our core music fans by enabling them to experience their own music libraries in a more engaging and social way," he said in a statement.