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Sony Takes Smartphones to Your Wrist through SmartWatch

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2012, Sony, besides Sony Xperia Ion and Xperia S Android smartphones and SmartTags, is also displaying Xperia Watch. The Xperia Watch is available with plastic wrist band and its minimalist design gives the impression of Xperia smartphone line of the company.

This device is a timepiece cum smartphone accessory and has been named as SmartWatch. It features Android powered 1.3 inch OLED 128x128 resolution display and will allow consumers to use the functions of smartphone on their wrist.

The SmartWatch (video below) can be connected to Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S, the latest in the line of Xperia S, via Bluetooth and can be used to answer calls without any wire, check messages as well as emails, get access to social networks and it also runs many specific apps from Android Marketplace, reported uSwitch.

Such a device was launched previously by Blue Sky, an Italian company, in their "I'm Watch" range. The consumers as well as critics appreciated the concept. However, no other company showed much interest in the device and its concept.

The latest effort of Sony depends a lot on consumers' response besides its pricing that has not been disclosed yet by the company.