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Sony Xperia SmartTags Switch Profiles, Launch Apps, Change Settings in a Jiffy

Sony has launched new NFC based SmartTags to go with the new Android based smartphones that it launched during the CES 2012.

The company said that users will be able to customise the SmartTags with their own preferences and simply touching the tag with their smartphones to activate the settings they desire.

Sony has launched four SmartTags (video below) which can be placed in various environments like car, office, home and bedroom. Each tag can be customised according to its location.

For example, when users enter the car, by merely swiping the smartphone on the tag will automatically activate features like Bluetooth, GPS and Google Maps navigation. By swiping the tag at home, users can make their ringtone louder, turn on the Wi-Fi and open weather and news apps.

Similarly, when a user goes to bed, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS can automatically be turned off and the phone can be put on silent mode.

"Busy? Want to save precious time? Touch your office Xperia SmartTags when you get to work. It'll automatically turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and launch your Calendar app. You choose!" Sony explained.

The company said that users will be able to manage the tags using the LiveWare Manager app on their smartphones.