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T-Mobile USA Announces HSPA+ Expansion, Going Slow with LTE Plans

Philipp Humm, T-Mobile CEO, at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012, disclosed that the company, recently, doubled the speed of HSPA+ 4G data to bring it to 42Mbps in 12 markets.

Now more than 184 million Americans in almost 175 markets can get access to 42Mbps speeds. The company also declared that they launched 21Mbps HSPA+ in 9 new markets which means a total 217 markets and more than 200 million Americans would have access to 21Mbps speeds, reported Mobile Burn.

Humm clarified that this move by the company does not mean that they do not have a clear plan for LTE. Calling LTE a long-term plan, Humm stated that it "doesn't see a need to move very fast", reported Beta News.

At the CES 2012 the carrier also launched two 4G devices, the Nokia Lumia 710 and the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G. The company also stated that, "While Android powers the majority of T-Mobile smartphones, the company expects Windows Phone to also play an important role in its 2012 portfolio".

T-Mobile USA's latest Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G has the connectivity of 42Mbps HSPA+.