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Vimeo Now Available for Windows Phone, Android and Amazon Kindle Fire

Vimeo is one of the most popular and fastest growing video sharing websites - it is heading towards becoming the most used website by smartphone and tablet owners for uploading and sharing videos from smart devices.

The mobile app service, however, was previously only available for iPhones, but now it has been made available for Android devices, Windows Phone devices and the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Now the owners of Google's Android powered devices or Microsoft's Windows Phone based devices can view, browse, comment on, like as well as add videos just the way they do it in, reports CNET.

The new apps are available with Vimeo's upload manager that helps to continue uploading any interrupted file without the need to start again from the beginning.

Both versions for Android and Windows Phone platform are polished and very appealing for users. In fact, the Vimeo video player that was built specifically for iPhone is operating smoothly on all new platforms.

For Android devices, Vimeo can be downloaded from Android Market; Windows Phone from Windows Phone Marketplace and Amazon App Store for the Kindle Fire.