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VMWare, LG Demonstrate Advanced Virtual Technology for Mobile Phones at CES

Desktop and server virtualisation company VMware demonstrated new technology that allows users to run a Android based virtual machine on an Android based smartphone.

In an event at the CES, the company partnered with LG to demonstrate the new technology on the new LG Revolution VS910.

The company said the ability to run a separate virtual Android instance on an Android smartphone will allow enterprise users to access work and personal profiles on the same device.

The idea is to access official apps and work from the virtual version of Android while more personal stuff like entertainment apps and personal email accounts would be accessed from the installed version of Android, reports PC World.

Companies have been struggling to maintain IT security policies in work environments where personal smartphones have invaded the work space. This technology would give users the freedom to user their devices as they like while companies would be able to maintain the level of security they desire.

LG said that it would deploy VMware's technology on smartphones in the coming months and make them available on Verizon Wireless and Telefonica in Spain.

"We're aiming for mass market devices. The capabilities of the system are more than adequate in your mid-level device today to support this," said VMware director of product management Hoofar Razavi.