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Nokia N9 Meego PR1.2 update leaked with video calling and iOS features

Screenshots depicting an upcoming version of the joint Intel-Nokia MeeGo mobile phone operating system for the Nokia N9 have been leaked on-line.

A user on website Talk Meemo published screenshots, which were taken from his N9 smartphone - running the unreleased PR1.2 update.

"looks like everybody is still on pr1.1 while mine is running pr1.2 (30.2012.01-2)... I install file manager and check /etc/apt/sources.list.d/aegis.ssu-keyring-001.list" the user posted.

According to the images, the new update brings in a video calling feature to the smartphone using the front facing camera of the device. The update has also brought in Apple iOS like app folders and functionality into the platform.

The similarity to the iOS OS is uncanny, with many have questioned where the Meego team were ‘inspired' from. Another addition to the operating system is the copy paste ability within the web browser, which is similar to the drag-and-drop copy and paste abilities that are found in Android and iOS platforms.

The new version also arrives updated new gallery and camera apps, but details relating to the nature of these updates were not available. There is no word about the exact release date for the MeeGo update, but rumours suggest that it could be released by the end of this month.