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Apple iPhone 5 will be available on T-Mobile in the USA

It has been confirmed that the next version of the Apple iPhone will be supported by T-Mobile's network. This news has come from T-Mobile's chief technology officer, Neville Ray, at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas.

Ray stated that the upcoming iPhone 5 will have a chipset that supports the Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) frequency, which the mobile carrier utilises in their 3G network. The new iPhone 5 technology will give this struggling carrier a chance to get back into the competitive smartphone market.

The carrier is well known for promoting the Android platform and will get a big boost after a failed AT&T merger from this news, with the company losing a good number of customers over its uncertain fate.

For the record, T Mobile happens to be the only one of the "big four" US carriers which does not offer the iPhone. This is down to the T-Mobile HSPA+ network and the Apple mobile phone currently does not support that network standard. This could possibly be seen as the reason why the carrier is struggling to get new users. The CEO of T Mobile, Philipp Humm, also voiced the same opinion at CES.

The mobile phone network's Chief Technology Officer, Ray, said that the carrier's unique spectrum will have to put in some extra effort to make sure that the iPhone operates correctly on their network. However, the next chipset Apple is planning to use will overcome this, reports CNET.