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Apple Sends Invites to Educational Event in NYC Next Week

Apple Inc recently announced that the company is organising a book-related event towards the end of this month in New York. The event will be held on 19th January at the Solomon Guggenheim museum in New York City.

Invitations to this "educational announcement" event, where Apple might be discussing the company's digital textbook strategy for the year, have been sent out. As usual the company has not revealed any details of the event but the tag line used in the invite says: "Join us for an education announcement in the Big Apple".

The assumption is, as Slash Gear reports, that school-related eBooks from Apple might be on the agenda. Most likely there will not be any announcement related to hardware at this event, and the focus will be on a mixture of software, services and content.

At present the company has a vitual bookstore in the form of iBooks, and also offers PDF support; however, it is yet to make an entry into the digital textbook market. The technology giant has seen its devices being adopted more and more by educational institutions, in particular the iPad is seen as a perfect device for reading and also better interactive learning.