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BBC May Charge to View Archived and Repeated Content Via iPlayer App

The BBC is planning to introduce new compulsory charges for granting access to its archives and introducing pay-per-view fees for its most recent programming.

According to an article on The Register, the corporation plans to introduce these new charges to plug a funding hole and use the money generated not for profit, but for future developments.

Britons pay taxes to watch live TV on a television set, which makes up a majority of BBC's income. The idea of introducing further charges has alarmed a lot of consumer benefit and consumer tax organisations.

The BBC plans to charge people for accessing its archive, to watch previous shows, through its iPlayer app and even introduce pay-per-view charges for recent shows.

Many believe that this would create a two-tier pricing model, with consumers paying two times to view the same content.

"The idea of creating a paid for BBC archive is worrying as it could create a two-tier licence fee," Emma Boon, Campaign Director of the Taxpayers' Alliance, told The Daily Mail.

"TV and radio audiences already pay for BBC content through their TV licence andwhile it is unreasonable to expect the Beeb to make all programmes available forever on the iPlayer, it doesn't seem fair to charge for content twice," she added.