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Cheapest Apple iPad 2 Tablet In UK Down To £360

Those looking for a brand new Apple iPad 2 tablet in the UK can get one from Ebay (via online retailer Ebuyer) for only £359.99 with a 48 hour shipping window and one year warranty.

That's a saving of almost £40, 10 per cent off the suggested retail price at Apple. However, you don't get a free iPad engraving or any financing option to spread the cost over six months for free, and you can only buy one tablet.

Curiously enough, Ebuyer sells the same iPad - a 16GB non 3G model - on its website for £390, which leaves us to wonder why they would undercut their own shop and why Apple would allow this to happen. But we digress.

In addition you can buy an additional one year warranty from £42; by comparison, Apple's AppleCare protection plan for the iPad costs £69.

You can find our coverage of the iPad 2 here. Apple's tablet is already a best selling product selling millions and raking in billions for the company.

It shares the same fundamental hardware as the iPhone 4S; both are powered by the Apple A5 dual core ARM-based chip with 512MB RAM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a choice of 16GB, 32GB or 64GB onboard storage.