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Cheezburger Sites Join SOPA Blackout

The owner of all Cheezburger sites has announced that along with Reddit and other sites, Fail Blog, ICanHaz, Memebase and all other websites under the Cheezburger banner would be supporting the SOPA blackout.

The announcement was made on social network Twitter, by @Benhuh: "All Cheezburger sites will also be instituting a blackout on January 18th to protest SOPA and PIPA. Now, go ask Wikipedia to do it."

Support for a proposed blackout has been growing around the world, with big websites like Reddit beginning the trend. The idea is to take down many websites voluntarily on the 18th of January, simply displaying a message highlighting how the Stop Online Piracy Act could lead to many of the world's most popular sites being stricken from the internet.

Other organisations are getting onboard the anti-SOPA movement in their own special ways. Hacktivist group Anonymous pledged to take down the Sony network for its support of the bill. This led to the Japanese gaming firm pulling its public support, with EA Games and Nintendo also following suit - though they continued to support it through third party organisations. AnonymousIRC has also said that it will black out its Twitter and similar feeds on the 18th to aid the protest movement.

Many are encouraging social networks like Twitter and Facebook to take part, though the site receiving the most blackout requests is Wikipedia. James Wales, the founder of the online encyclopaedia has said it may also take part, but for now it's still unknown whether it will follow through.

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