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Cut the Rope HD Available on BlackBerry App World for Playbook

ZeptoLab, a Moscow based game developer, has announced that Cut the Rope HD will be available for BlackBerry PlayBook.

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas, the company demonstration the latest HTML5 version of the game for Internet Explorer browsers.

Post this demo, an announcement from the licencing division was made to bring Cut the Rope to the consumer market - the physics based puzzler game also made its way to QNX.

This popular game, which has won a Bafta award, has cemented its place on BlackBerry App World after gaining huge popularity on both the Android and iOS platforms. However, at present, it is not the smartphone version and will only work on the PlayBook tablet.

The mechanics and dynamics of the game remain similar to Android and iOS - the player has to swipe his fingers to cut a series of increasingly complicated ropes to release candy in the little green monster's mouth, reports Into Mobile.

Even though the theme of the game seems stupid and funny, the interesting user interface along with growing complications makes this game very addictive. Figures says that over 60 million people all over the world have played this game - it can now be downloaded from BlackBerry App World just for $2.99.